Women on Wealth, By Women For Women

Women on Wealth, By Women For Women

Do you ever feel unsettled as to whether you are on track towards your goals? Listen in as Julina demystifies every day financial topics, to give you confidence in your future. She is a Partner and Wealth Advisor with Principle Wealth Partners, a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® and Certified Investment Management Analyst® with over twenty years of industry experience. To understand more, start here!

Recent Episodes

The Bank Blowup: What Happened and the Implications

March 15, 2023

Recent bank failures have prompted concerns from investors. Listen to Julina and Bob Paolucci, Founder and CEO of Principle Wealth Partners, discuss what occurred, why these are unique, and how the government has stepped in…

Secure Act 2.0- Implications for Retirees and Retirement Savers

March 7, 2023

In the final days of 2022, Congress passed a massive 4,155-page spending package that included SECURE Act 2.0, providing numerous changes to retirement savings and distribution rules. Bob Paolucci, Founder and CEO of Princip…

Safeguarding Your Financial Independence

Feb. 16, 2023

Amy Polacko, Founder & CEO of Freedom Warrior Divorce Coaching and an award-winning journalist, and Julina discuss the importance of financial independence for women, especially in a divorce. Amy references her recent story …

The Fundamental Concepts of Investing

Jan. 26, 2023

Karen Dolan, Head of Marketing at Dimensional Fund Advisors, discusses fundamental investing concepts with Julina. They address how uncertainty applies to investing and the importance of time, diversification, and rebalancin…

Market Update for 2023

Jan. 19, 2023

What’s going to happen to the markets in 2023? Listen in as Julina interviews Bob Paolucci, CFP®, Founder & CEO of Principle Wealth Partners, on the current state of the markets and the outlook for this year. To watch this v…

Lending Landscape Series: Life Stages of Home Ownership

Jan. 11, 2023

The third part of the Lending Landscape Series is Life Stages of Home Ownership. Anna DeSimone is the author of Live In A Home That Pays You Back and Housing Finance 2020. In this final episode, she will discuss the three li…

About the Host

Julina L. Ogilvie, CIMA® CPWA®Profile Photo

Julina L. Ogilvie, CIMA® CPWA®

Partner | Wealth Advisor

Julina manages wealth for high net worth individuals and families in addition to guiding successful advisors through the firm’s succession planning strategy. Prior to joining Principle Wealth Partners, Julina held executive roles at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Lord Abbett & Co. In these roles, she used her extensive knowledge of the capital markets to educate the country’s top advisors.

Julina is an accomplished speaker and strategist who has presented wealth management concepts to thousands of financial professionals and clients. She is recognized for her outstanding achievements and serves as a mentor for young women entering the business. Julina is an avid skier and triathlete.

Julina resides in Fairfield, CT with her husband Doug, their daughters Kaylin and Sidney and two dogs Mudd and Sierra.

Education & Certifications
Colgate University
Certified Investment Management Analyst®
Certified Private Wealth Advisor®